Monday 20 November 2017

Going Home...

So today is the day I fly back to Denver and leave Yorkshire behind again. I've got a really busy week ahead of me with thanksgiving and my wedding anniversary, a trip to vegas and just generally unpacking and getting used to a different time zone again. So there won't be many posts this week, its a quiet one but I promise I will be back to my usual posting schedule again ASAP.

There have been so many highlight from my trip home and I've made videos for my channel documenting a lot of these. There's an author interview with Julia Chapman posting on my channel tomorrow, which I will also post for you on here.

I visited Scotland's bookshop town-so cool!

I went to lots of other wonderful author events...

And I listened to lots of audiobooks whilst going on adventures with my mum!

Obviously I also bought lots of books because I was teaching again so I had a little more money than usual!

So hopefully I will have some more content up for you very very soon, and I'll leave you with these videos for now. Please do let me know if there is anything specific you would like to see on here or on the BookTube channel, I am also open to new suggestions and would love to hear your feedback!

For now, I am jetting off again-nearly 15 hours of reading time-what fun!

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