Friday 3 November 2017

Review: #Milllennial Problems by Rowan Dobson

TFW your brunch doesn’t look good enough to instagram, you put the wrong emoji at the end of a risky text, The Sims is the closest you’ll come to owning a home, and your relationship ends when WhatsApp dies for two hours . . .

#Millennial Problems is a collection of humorous tweets exploring the daily hardships of millennial life.

Their struggles are real and must be shared in a colourful, organised fashion.

The perfect gift for the hard-to-buy-for millennial in your life (or for anybody who enjoys poking fun at millennials).

#killmenow #fml #adulting #literallydying #saynotoavocado

Review: This was such a funny read and one that had me nodding along with every page, this would make an excellent gift but an even better gift to yourself if you fancy a giggle! 

This book is made of tweets and hashtags from Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat and is divided into different sections according to topic. So we have musings according to work, musings according to money and some really funny observations about adulating. Now I am by no means a millennial  but I could definitely identity with some of these because they are appropriate to the society that we live in and I believe I have uttered a few of these on social media myself.

There are no explanations to accompany each section so if you're not sure what a hashtag is, or what the abbreviation TFW stands for, then you may find yourself looking up some of these quotes but I shared a few of them with friends and family and once I had explained what some of the hostages meant, they also found them funny, but just be warned. 

I read this book all at once because it is short, being a collection of tweets etc. But I will definitely be keeping it to dip into again and again and give myself a good laugh. I would definitely recommend picking this one up!

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