Wednesday 1 November 2017

October Wrap Up

So I'm still struggling to read whilst I am in the UK. I am out and about seeing friends, spending  time with family and am back teaching again. I think if just one of these variables had changed, I would be ok,  but because there are so many things at once, I am falling asleep before bed and not reading as much unless I set aside specific day time reading time-tell it'll get better?

Having said that, this was a better reading month than last month-perhaps because there were no weddings? So I shall share with you what I read this month, divided, as usual into audiobooks, ebooks and physical books!

Physical Books



I did MOST of this on audio and finished it off in physical form so...


  1. Beside the busy schedule you managed to pick these amazing books. Every books looks soo interesting and makes me wanna read them. Keep sharing such amazing books

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