Thursday 7 December 2017

Guest Review: Maybe This Christmas by Sarah Morgan

Following Sleigh Bells in the Snow and Suddenly, Last Summer, Sarah Morgan returns to snowy Vermont with Tyler and Brenna's story.
Brenna’s not dreaming of a white Christmas… As a professional skier she’s already had too many to count!
Brenna’s more concerned about finally spending the season with the man she’s loved as long as she can remember – her best friend Tyler.
Single dad Tyler is determined to make sure his daughter, Jess, has the best Christmas ever. He can’t afford to be distracted by Brenna moving into his family’s snow-capped ski resort. Especially as that mistletoe magic has him looking at Brenna in a whole new light.
Until a surprise kiss means the relationship Brenna’s always dreamed of feels so close she could almost touch it.
Could this be the Christmas her dreams of a happy-ever-after finally come true?
The Snow Crystal Trilogy
Book 1 - Sleigh Bells in the Snow
Book 2 - Suddenly Last Summer
Book 3 - Maybe This Christmas
While the Snow Crystal novels can easily be read as standalone stories, you'll likely enjoy reading the earlier books in the series too.

Review: This is the final book in the Snow Crystal trilogy from Sarah Morgan. Each of the books centres on one of the 3 brothers in the O'Neil family who own the Snow Crystal resort in Vermont; hence the collection is also known as the O'Neil Brothers series. Having just finished books 1 and 2, I was looking forward to reading part 3 and finding out what will happen with the third O'Neil brother. As with the other 2 books, this was an easy read and had me hooked right from the start. The 3 books make a lovely, rounded trilogy, but each can perfectly well be read as a standalone. 

The story this time relates to Tyler O'Neil, one-time ski champion who has had to retire from competitive sport following a horrific injury on the slopes. He is now resident instructor and guide at the Snow Crystal resort where he and his brothers grew up. He lives in an idyllic house overlooking the lake with his teenage daughter, Jess. Unbeknown to Tyler, Brenna, who he has known all his life and is now also an instructor at the resort, has been in love with him since school days. When the resort is fully booked and Brenna has to move into Tyler's house because her lodge is required for paying guests, she hopes he may notice her as a woman rather than just as a best friend. With Christmas preparations all around them and the whole O'Neil clan rooting for the pair, the reader is left to wonder what is going to happen. 

I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it highly, especially as a story for the festive season. As I've said earlier, it can be read as a standalone, but having read the books that preceded this one, I liked finding all the familiar characters popping up and getting involved in the Tyler-Brenna relationship. I loved that the author made Tyler a man of contrasts, gruff and noisy with everybody except his daughter; although claiming not to know how to bring up a teenage girl, he seemed to be doing OK. The will-they-won't-they aspect of the story was really tense and kept me guessing, and hoping, right to the end. All in all, another heartwarming festive romance from Sarah Morgan. 

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