Thursday 21 December 2017

Review: Random Acts of Kindness Part 1 by Victoria Walters

An emotional, cosy, community read that will reaffirm your faith in human kindness. 

Welcome to Littlewood, a small town community with a big heart. Abbie has fled London and the humiliation of not being able to make rent after being made redundant. Louise, seriously unlucky in love, has thrown herself into her career at the local hospital. And Eszter, who has travelled from Hungary with her daughter, Zoe, hopes to reach out to the mother-in-law she never met while her husband was still alive…

Can a little bit of kindness really change your life? Three very different women are about to find out…

Review: This was a great start to a new series. This books drops you straight in the action with Abbie, Louise and Eszter. I love when a book, especially a new series, does that! I really felt like I already knew Abbie and Louise and together we had just met Eszter and we were all about to have a fabulous summer together. 

These characters are definitely the kind of women that anyone can identify with. A Nurse, someone who has made a couple of ill-advised choices and is now facing the consequences and someone else who just wants to do right by family. The community that they all now live in is populated by even more interesting characters, who I am sure that we will get to know further as the series progresses, I can't wait because there is so much potential for all these characters. 

Although this is the first in a series, I really felt like there was a lot going on in this book. There are plenty of events lining themselves up for future instalments, don't get me wrong, but we get to find out quite a lot abut what happened in these ladies' past as well. A few secrets are unearthed and a few weaknesses shown. 

All in all this should be a great series. I already feel invested in Louise and Abbie and I can't wait to find out what happens to them next. 

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