Tuesday 15 May 2018

Bout of Books Day 1 Update/ Day 2 Challenge

Day 1 of Bout of Books Was really quite successful for me in that I finished reading 2 books! I Read on 2 different train journeys and 2 tube journeys. I read a bit in bed and I read in 2 different Starbucks locations (surprise surprise!). Don't forget to follow my social media, specifically Twitter and Instagram stories for more updates!

Today's challenge is to share a book from the year you were born. I love this challenge, here's my contribution: 

I didn't actually know this was published the year I was born, which means the others were published before I was born. I love these books and listened to all the tapes when I was younger!

I read the last 220 pages of The Surface Breaks by Louise O'Neill, this wasn't on my TBR but I needed to finish it so I could pass it on to my friend!

I also read the last 289 pages of Where the Light Gets in by Lucy Dillon. This is a chunky book and so I'm slightly please I don't need to take that out in my bag again today!

Pages Read Today: 509
Pages Read This Week: 509
Complete Books Finished: 0
Part Books Finished: 2

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