Friday 18 May 2018

Bout of Books Day 4 Update/Day 5 Challenge

I actually read today-yey! I read in the bath in a hotel, somewhere a little bit different again! I read Part 4 of Random Acts of Kindness by Victoria Walters, a total of 96 pages. I love this series!

I will try and take time to complete today's challenge when I'm no about to go on a very very long flight, I pledge to complete it before the week is out!

Looking forward to some uninterrupted plane reading later-yey!

Pages Read Today:  96
Pages Read This Week: 680
Complete Books Finished: 1
Part Books Finished: 2
Books I decided not to finish: 1


  1. This sounds interesting, is it non-fiction. I wish i have a bath :( I've only got a shower, but I do listen to my audiobooks in the shower LOL

    Angelica @ Paperback Princess

    1. I also listen to my audiobooks in the shower, thats why I got a waterproof bluetooth speakers! This is fiction, its a serialised novel and this was the final part, you can download it on Amazon or Ibooks.