Thursday 31 May 2018

May 2018 Wrap Up

Well May was a funny month. The start of the month I was in England and going to lots of book events with lots of time to read on the train into London and the subsequent tube and bus journeys to get to where I was going. Then Mid-made brought packing up to head back to Denver, flying back home and of course the jetlag that that brought. The end of the month I had m library back but I was also driving everywhere again so less time for reading books but more time for listening to books.

I didn't stick to my TBR really...but we knew that was going to happen didn't we?

You can see my bout of books wrap up here to see all the places I read just in that one week, I also made a video about it which I will post at the bottom of this wrap up.

If I've reviewed a book I will post a link to it below the cover so you can see my thoughts!


Physcial Books

My Review


Did not finish

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