Saturday 23 June 2018

Blog Tour: Extract from Stalker by Lisa Stone

Today I am part of another very exciting blog tour. I have an extract from the new novel by Lisa Stone for you, Stalker. You can click here to order your copy. Don't forget to check out the other stops on the tour for more exclusive content and reviews. 

Here's what it's all about...

Derek Flint is a loner. He lives with his mother and spends his
evenings watching his clients on the CCTV cameras he has installed inside their homes. He likes their companionship – even if it’s through a screen.

When a series of crimes hits Derek’s neighbourhood, DC Beth Mayes begins to suspect he’s involved. How does he know so much about the victims’ lives? Why won’t he let anyone into his office? And what is his mother hiding in that strange, lonely house?
As the crimes become more violent, Beth must race against the clock to find out who is behind the attacks. Will she uncover the truth in time? And is Derek more dangerous than even she has guessed?
A spellbinding crime novel from the worldwide bestseller
Cathy Glass, writing as Lisa Stone.

Want to read more? Here's that exclusive extract for you!
At half past five, the job was done. Derek checked the place was clean and tidy and that all their tools were packed in the van and then told Paul he could go. All that remained was for Derek to talk the clients through operating the system, and he never left until the clients felt confident using it.
   ‘I’m glad you’re pleased with the quality of the images,’ Derek said an hour later as he and Mr and Mrs Williams stood in front of their monitor in the hall. He’d shown them how to navigate the screen with the mouse, rewind to a specified date and time, download information, zoom in and out, and decide which images to display. They were now looking at their children in the living room watching television.
   ‘Stop picking your nose, Jack,’ his father called from the hall. They laughed as Jack looked up startled, wondering how he’d been caught.
   ‘I’ve changed the default password along the lines your husband suggested so you can remember it,’ Derek said, winding up. ‘It’s now rujuwi10.’
   ‘I won’t remember that!’ Julie exclaimed.
   ‘Yes, you will,’ Russ said. ‘It’s the first two letters of our names and 10.’
   ‘Of course.’ She laughed, tapping her forehead at having not realized.
   ‘Change it again if you want,’ Derek said. ‘But please tell me if you do. I’m maintaining your system – free for five years – so if there is a technical problem I’ll need to be able to log in to sort it out.’
   ‘Yes, of course,’ Russ said.
   ‘Now, I’ve loaded the website to both your phones; are you sure you don’t want me to do the same with your tablets and laptops?’
   ‘No, that’s fine, I’ll do it,’ Russ said. ‘Thanks for everything. I’ll certainly recommend you.’
   ‘Thank you. Please don’t hesitate to phone or email me if there is anything further I can help you with.’
   ‘We will,’ Russ said. They shook hands.
   Derek turned to Mrs Williams. ‘Nice seeing you again. You’ll sleep easier in your bed now you’re all protected.’
   ‘We will indeed.’

Thanks so much to Lisa for sharing that with us today!

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