Sunday 10 June 2018

Book Con 2018

So you may or may not know that this time last week I was at Book Con in NYC. A book convention, what could be better than that? I have wanted to go to this convention for years but usually it is during term time in the UK so there has been no question of me going, but this year was my year!

I'll be posting a video about it on my channel next week so keep an eye out for that, and of course a separate book haul will be going up as well because I got books, chapter samplers, ARCs, merch and TOTE BAGS! So many tote bags!

I wanted to give you a little run down of what I did on here as well though. I posted to my instagram stories and also posted pictures to my feed on there so this will look familiar to you if you're already following me on there (if you're not already following me on there, go ahead and do that now, I'm fabulous_book_fiend and I love my insta story button!)

I was staying across the water at Lincoln harbour, partly because once you get the ferry across the Hudson, its only a couple of blocks walk to the Javits Centre where Book Con is and partly because we've stayed there before and I LOVE the ferry, you get the best views!

One of the best parts about Book Con is obviously the other book lovers that you get to meet whilst you're there. I was lucky enough to meet to several people I already chat to on Instagram and BookTube and got chatting to a whole load of other people. Here are photos of me with Jess from Enchanted Fandom, Jena from Jena Brown Writes and Shelly from Book Lovers Coffee. I also got to hang out both days with Bethany from Beautifully Bookish Bethany on BookTube but we were always too tired to take any selfies!

The whole thing was really overwhelming to start off with because it is a huge space filled with so many people and there are publishers and book lovers and bookish merch everywhere. You stand in a lot of lines and wander through a lot of crowds but it is definitely worth it!

As well as other books I got signed, I got to meet Sarah Morgan and have her sign US copies of Holiday in the Hamptons-exciting!

I also went to two panels. One featuring Book Tubers Ariel Bissett, Abookutopia, Tashapolis, Emmabooks, A Clockwork Reader, and Brandonthebookaddict. 

And another featuring poets Amanda Lovelace, Cyrus Parker, Trista Mateer, Iain S Thomas, Nikita Gill and KY Robinson. 

There were photobooth opportunities and I got to go to a party run by penguin with books, prosecco and Ice Cream, as well as a romance party where Sarah Morgan had actual Cadbury's chocolate (Brits who live in the states will appreciate this!)

It was a great weekend and I will definitely try and make sure I get to go again next year!


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