Sunday 24 June 2018

Movie Reviews: June 17th-23rd June

Last week I asked on Twitter and Instagram whether you would be interested in seeing my thoughts on the films I've watched each week. I often do book vs movie videos from my channel which are quite popular, you can see those here, and so I thought you may be interested in general movie reviews as well. You were!

The opinion as to whether those should be on here or on my channel were pretty much 50/50 so I decided to do both and then you can choose! The opinions on here are likely to be slightly briefer than those on my channel so I will also include the video in this post. 

Here are the movies I watched this week with my Movie Pass:

Oh wow, this is definitely the best film I saw this week. Its a documentary but it's really well edited and I learned so much about RBG from this film, I knew she was pretty awesome but I didn't truly know how and why. Everyone in this theatre was loving it and its the busiest theatre I was in all week which says a lot too. Even if you haven't heard of this Supreme court justice, then seek out this film because you will want to know her by the time you are into the heart of the movie!

This was exactly what I was after, some comic relief and Ed Helms being really funny, also Isla Fischer was great in this! There was one scene where one of the players used a certain excuse to get out of being tagged that I was not in favour of so that let the film down slightly, but I loved that this was based on a true story so this is a thumbs up from me!

I so regret wasting my time going to see this. I thought it was really quire inappropriate for kids, some of the language and the content is quite adult and there is a LOT of strobe lighting in this film. I wasn't a massive fan of the first film but I saw in in the cinema and then re-watched in on DVD. I won't be re-watching this one as I struggled to stay awake throughout!

This was really quite funny and a much better kids film than the previous, I had no trouble staying awake. The idea of talking dogs in a dog show is of course a little ridiculous but its a kids film and there are loads of famous voices in this film which takes places in Vegas, what's not to love on a Wednesday morning?

This was so funny, and I never thought I'd be coming out of a super hero film and saying that! I thought the actors in this were great, the comedy was on point and just as good as the first one. I came out the cinema and immediately started listening to the soundtrack because it was just that good. I don't think you have to have seen the first one to understand what's going on in this one but if you're planning on watching the first film then there are spoilers for it in this one!

Very mixed for me. I loved the 'true story' and 'documentary' aspect to this film. There were quite a few scenes that I had heard or or seen pictures of in other 'mob' documentaries or at the mob museum in Las Vegas. However the characters were tough to keep track of since they all have aliases or similar names and there were far to many of them. The acting was sometimes really cringey, it was like they were all trying to pretend to be Marlon Brando in The Godfather. I liked the story though and learnt something from watching it. 

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