Sunday 28 October 2018

Movie Reviews: October 14th-27th

Ok here are the reviews for films that I have seen in cinemas in the last TWO weeks. If you want to know more detailed thoughts on any of these then I will leave my video review down below and you can click on that!

I saw three new releases and two older films in the movie theatre this week-exciting times!

I loved this film, it totally does justice to the book. It is intense and emotional but it literally gives you ALL the feels so you really don't leave this one feeling down or depressed, you feel you have laughed and you're hopeful for the future! I also made a book vs movie video on this one if you would like to go and check that out!

This one was really great, but I think I really enjoyed it because I am a massive fan of the franchise as a whole. There are a lot of mirroring of scenes from the original two movies and that was great as a fan. It also has some of the original stars in as well which is wonderful. I don't think it stands up well on its own as a horror film though. I think if you're already a fan, you'll love it, otherwise it will just be so so. 

This was such an awful film, I just don't know what it is trying to be. There are so many great comedians in this film as well, every time someone awesome would be added to film I would think "oh great, they're here to save the movie' but they weren't there for that. This film also gets quite violent which isn't suggested at all from the poster. Do not recommend this one!

Yes, I hadn't seen this movie before-I know! This is such a Disney movie. the Sanderson sisters are reasonably scary but also really quite funny! Some of the classic 90s relationships and clothing were quite cringey but overall this was a great start to my Halloween film Marathon!

I have seen this one on the big screen before but with the shadow actors in front of it and in an older theatre so it was great to see it in the cinema 'properly' just sit back in my recliner and enjoy! I loved seeing just how much makeup everyone had on and hear the songs loud and proud as they should be. If you get chance to see this on the big screen, I really recommend it!

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