Sunday 14 October 2018

Movie Reviews: October 7th-13th

As always, if you would like longer, more comprehensive reviews of the movies I saw this week, you can check out the weekly review video over on my YouTube channel, I will always try and link this at the bottom of the post as well. There will be no movie review post next week just because I am away from Tuesday to Sunday and so won't be watching as many movies this week and also won't be able to film and post next weekend. They'll be back in 2 weeks though!

This film was good. This lighting and the camera angles were great. I also loved the fact that we got to see the impact these NASA mission had on the wives and families left behind. This film was very long though and really felt that way. I thought the actors were good as well, I thought they obviously embodied the characters enough to make me believe in them and make me cry. I could definitely see this getting some Oscar nominations. 

This film definitely has some care warnings where sexual assault, physical assault and rape are concerned. But this film is perfect for the climate that we have right now of women coming forward about the assault or abuse they have suffered in the past/present. It is a film that is a good survivor story. It is also a film where marginalised groups are well-represented so it has that going for it. This film is about a stand up comedian so it has some really funny moments too and all of us in the cinema were laughing out loud despite the dark content and subject matter. 

I'd been wanting to see this one for ages and waiting for it to come out. Obviously everyone else had been waiting for it to come out too since the screen I saw it in was full! It was more of a thriller even though I feel like the trailer paint it to be a horror film. It plays out like a really good thriller novel and its structured so that each of the characters get their own back story played out by the room in the hotel they are staying in. These stories overlap and then obviously all come together at the end. The ending isn't tied with a neat bow which I liked and this film has some amazing actors in it. It is also long but doesn't feel that way-definitely recommend if you love a good thriller!

What movies have you seen recently?

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