Friday 19 October 2018

Poetry I've Read Recently

It's been a while since I've been able to include poetry in a top ten or similar list and I've been posting reviews of some poetry books I've read recently over on my IGTV so if you're not already following me on Instagram, you should head on over there.

So here are five poetry books I've read and loved recently and which have fuelled my desire to read more contemporary poetry. 

A new Amanda Lovelace poetry collection is always a must-buy for me. I'm going to share a full review of this one with you soon and I talk about it on my IGTV channel but I wanted to highlight it here too. This book is broken into three section; Monster Boy, Monster Girl and Sun Heart so it almost reads like the arc of a novel. It highlights the damage past relationships can have on us then, now and always. It has some beautiful illustration and even made me cry. I share some of the specific poems that spoke to me in that video. 

I have a full review of this collection of short stories and poems which you can find here

I'm not bundling these two together because I feel that they are the same story but because I loved them both equally and read them virtually back to back. Wild embers is a great collection of poetry and I highlighted so many poems which I talk about in my IGTV video. Some of my favourites were those that concern fairy tales and princesses from those tales. So naturally I rushed out to get fierce fairy tales the day it was released and I have the very beautiful UK hardback edition sitting on my shelves, also show in an IGTV video. I think I definitely preferred the poems to the short stories in this collection but I loved the way it made me look at fairy tales and the princes and princesses found within them. 

First of all, I loved the design of this book of poetry so I could do just as it said and take it with me. I actually borrowed this one from my library but I have it on my wish list so I will try and obtain a copy so that I can read it again. I loved the way this book spoke to me directly as a reader. I loved the way it highlighted the ups and downs of a relationship both inside and outside of one and I loved the structure of the book and the fact that it included illustrations. 

This book really is for everyone, another one where it does exactly what it says on the cover. This is the shortest of the books mentioned in the post and so possibly the most accessible if you are new to contemporary poetry. These poems are really beautiful and really do make you see the things in your life in a new light. The colours used throughout the book are lovely too and make for a very three dimensional reading experience. The thing that I loved most about it was the fact that inside the cover you have a section where you can fill in your name (if you own the book, I got mine from the library) and then pass it on to someone else so it is like a library borrowing system but to leave and pass on to everyone. 

Please let me know in the comments if you have enjoyed any similar collections of poetry recently or have any recommendations for me based on the books I have shared here. 

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