Monday 29 July 2019

Review: We Are Here Forever by Michelle Gish

It’s the most adorable apocalypse ever! The human race has vanished replaced by innocent, playful, creatures called the Puramus. In this hilarious and epic graphic novel, short interlocking stories follow the purple pals as they explore their new home, form a mini-monarchy, and develop a modern society on par with 21st-century humans. A final act pulls us across time and space in the search for clues to the origins of the Puramus. Along the way, humor and intrigue abound: Can King defend his village when nobody understands what war is? Will Jingle work up the nerve to read her poetry at open mic night? Will Puffpuff ever stop floating?

Based on the Tumblr comic, We Are Here Forever is for fans of post-apocalyptic sci fi blended with dry humor and undeniable adorableness. Colorful and cartoony art will have you rooting for these cute critters through their absurd adventures...but are they really as harmless as they seem?

Review: This was such a cute graphic novel and yet such a thinker in so many ways. I love love loved the characters in this book. I love the fact that they are so cute but they ask so many important questions and achieve so many big things. They may look sweet and innocent but they will take you down to get what they want. They also are just so clever and put me to shame. 

I like the setup of this graphic novel, it is so different from anything I've read before in that it is landscape rather than portrait and in fact this novel is broken down into several sections with three short stories in each section so you could go back and enjoy one of the stories again as a standalone piece or read a certain section again-so fun!

This graphic novel definitely does ask some big questions about material possessions, global warming and war and I really like the fact that even though it is humorous and cute it doesn't talk down to its audience. If you are looking for a graphic novel that is completely different and has some umph about it then this is the one for you!

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