Monday 1 June 2020

June 2020 TBR

As always, I have no idea what this month will hold in terms of what life will look like so I will plan a loose TBR and see how things go.

I have very few books for review that come out in the month of June so I am going to focus on reading some of the books from my shelves as well as some of the books I have from the library since those will inevitably need to be returned at some point this month-maybe?

June is also Pride month so I will be trying to include some queer books in my TBR but diverse book are usually part of my reading anyway so there's nothing new there...

June Releases

The Gin O'Clock Club-Rosie Blake- June 1st (EBook)

A Perfect Cornish Escape-Phillipa Asheley-June 11th

The Never Have I Ever Club-Mary Jayne Baker-June 18th

The Waffle House on the Pier-Tilly Tennant-June 25th

The Other Passenger-Louise Candlish-June 25th

Love Creekwood-Becky Albertalli-June 30th

Buddy Reads

Book to Movie Adaptations

Library Books

And A Couple More Just For Kicks...

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