Wednesday 3 June 2020

Guest Review: A Perfect Cornish Escape by Phillipa Ashley

Summer in Cornwall is the perfect time for a fresh start…
Seven years ago, Marina Hudson’s husband was lost at sea. She vowed to love him for the rest of her life – but when kind-hearted Lachlan arrives in Porthmellow, should she deny herself another chance at happiness?
Tiff Trescott was living life to the full as a journalist in London – until her boyfriend’s betrayal brought it all crashing down. Fleeing to her cousin Marina’s cottage, Tiff feels like a fish-out-of-water. And when brooding local Dirk wins a day with her in a charity auction, she’s thrown headfirst into Cornish life.
This summer promises new beginnings for both Tiff and Marina. But are they too good to be true?

Review: This is the third book in the Porthmellow series by Phillipa Ashley. Like the preceding two books in the series, A Perfect Cornish Summer and A Perfect Cornish Christmas, this story is set in the small, and sadly fictional, Cornish seaside village of Porthmellow. Although they have a common setting, and several recurring characters, the books can all be read as stand-alones. As with the other two books in the series, I found this one compelling reading; I was quickly drawn into the lives of the characters and all too quickly reached the end.

The main female characters in the story are Marina, a local teacher whose husband was lost at sea some years previously, and her journalist cousin, Tiff. Following some disastrous events affecting her personal and professional life in London, Tiff is staying temporarily with her cousin in Porthmellow. She soon meets up with local man, Dirk, known to be a moody character. Initially, the two clash, but a friendship gradually forms as time passes. Meanwhile, Marina meets Lachlan, a rather taciturn newcomer to the village; although she is drawn to him, can she get him to open up to her and learn what lies beneath the surface? It looks as if both girls may have the chance of a new start, but will it work out for one or both of them?

I can highly recommend this book for fans of Phillipa Ashley like myself, lovers of Cornwall or readers who just enjoy a heart-warming tale. I found this an easy read, but not lacking in depth and detail. There is also a nice feeling of friendship and community throughout. For readers of the other books in the series, there are old friends to meet up with - always a pleasure for me. The four principal characters all have interesting and perfectly believable back stories of their own; the individual issues they are dealing with are heartbreaking at times. I enjoyed the way that although the four formed into two couples, they each had very different sorts of relationships. There is an interesting twist towards the latter part of the story, which led to a very dramatic incident; the twist I could see coming, but the drama I could not. In my opinion this is another hit by Phillipa Ashley, and I shall be looking out for her next book.

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