Thursday 2 July 2020

June Reading Wrap Up 2020

I took a week 'off' in June. I watched a lot of TV and went on some lovely walks with my husband. I know reading isn't work but I scheduled everything for the week and took the pressure off but that did take it's toll on my TBR for the month...

Is anyone else struggling with reading still? I thought by now my zest for reading actual books and ebooks would have returned by now but I really am falling back on audiobooks. I can loose myself in my audiobooks whereas I find myself getting distracted when trying to read more than a few pages of a paperback or ebook. 

As always I have broken down my reading into ebooks and audiobooks, I didn't read any physical books this month in the end. I have also linked any reviews I have already posted. 


My Review


This Month's Videos

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