Monday 6 July 2020

Review: Here and Now by Santa Montefiore

Faced with losing everything, all that matters is Here and Now . . .

Marigold has spent her life taking care of those around her, juggling family life with the running of the local shop, and being an all-round leader in her quiet yet welcoming community. When she finds herself forgetting things, everyone quickly puts it down to her age. But something about Marigold isn’t quite right, and it’s becoming harder for people to ignore.

As Marigold’s condition worsens, for the first time in their lives her family must find ways to care for the woman who has always cared for them. Desperate to show their support, the local community come together to celebrate Marigold, and to show her that losing your memories doesn’t matter, when there are people who will remember them for you . . .

Review: I think this was the first Santa Montefiore novel that I've read that wasn't a historical. This was a contemporary novel and I was completely absorbed by it and completely swept away with this family of characters. 

This novel deals with some tough subjects but at the heart of it all is family and the love that a family has and it was an absolute pleasure to read. I loved meeting Marigold. She really has spent her life doing everything for others and always putting other first and she tries to keep doing that throughout this novel but there are objects in her way and it is her family who step up and try and move those objects aside. Her family and the whole community. 

This book really does show you what a community can do when it pulls together and is so apt to be reading about this during this time of 2020. I really loved getting to meet those community members and they are so well-described and so developed by this author that I could sit down and tell you all about them as if they were people I had actually met. 

I also feel this way about the other members of Marigold's family. Dennis just has a heart fo gold and you can tell he is absolutely besotted by his wife. I enjoyed meeting Daisy and Suze. I wasn't sure about them to begin with but their lives are very real and very like my own and I totally warmed to them and lived this whole story line through their eyes. Then we have Nan who is definitely hard to like but when you get down to the roots of her ways, you can see that she does have her daughter's best interests at heart. 

There is a smidgen of romance in this book which I loved but really the heart of this novel is the love of a family and how we can support each other in ways we never knew possible. This book did make me cry so read with tissues to hand but I would read this all again in a heartbeat. I highly recommend!

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