Sunday 19 July 2020

Reading Rush 2020 TBR

It's reading rush time again! The Reading Rush is a week-long readathon for book lovers all around the world and take place July 20th-26th! I'm excited for this week even though it is always a bit tiring. There are 7 challenges and then the hidden extra challenge of reading 7 books in 7 days. A lot of these books will come from my July TBR although I've had to think outside the box for a couple of these challenges especially number 2...

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Here's what I want to read...

1/ Read a book with a cover that matches the colour of your birth stone.

2/ Read a book that starts with the word “The”.


3/ Read a book that inspired a movie you’ve already seen.

4/ Read the first book you touch.

This one will probably be decided during my vlogging process and might be one of the other books from the challenge...

5/ Read a book completely outside of your house.

This will either be the book from challenge 2 or the next challenge...

6/ Read a book in a genre that you’ve always wanted to read more of.

7/ Read a book that takes place on a different continent than where you live. (Quite easy for me...)

Obviously there's always the challenge of reading 7 books as well so here are the other books on my TBR that I still have left...

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