Thursday 24 September 2020

Review: Why Mummy's Sloshed by Gill Sims

Number One bestselling author Gill Sims is back with her eagerly awaited fourth and final Why Mummy novel.
I just wanted them to stop wittering at me, eat vegetables without complaining, let me go to the loo in peace and learn to make a decent gin and tonic.  

It genuinely never occurred to me when they were little that this would ever end – an eternity of Teletubbies and Duplo and In The Night Bastarding Garden and screaming, never an end in sight.  But now there is.  And despite the busybody old women who used to pop up whenever I was having a bad day and tell me I would miss these days when they were over, I don’t miss those days at all.  

I have literally never stood wistfully in the supermarket and thought ‘Oh, how I wish someone was trailing behind me constantly whining ‘Mummy, can I have, Mummy can I have?’ while another precious moppet tries to climb out the trolley so they land on their head and we end up in A&E.  

Mummy has been a wife and mother for so long that she’s a little bit lost. And despite her best efforts, her precious moppets still don’t know the location of the laundry basket, the difference between being bored and being hungry, or that saying ‘I can’t find it Mummy’ is not the same as actually looking for it.
Amidst the chaos of A-Levels and driving tests, she’s doing her best to keep her family afloat, even if everybody is set on drifting off in different directions, and that one of those directions is to make yet another bloody snack. She’s feeling overwhelmed and under appreciated, and the only thing that Mummy knows for sure is that the bigger the kids, the bigger the drink.

Review: I just adore this series. I feel like main character Ellen talks in exactly the same way as me, like we would be friends. I just love the way she views the world and the way she reacts to everything that happens to her. You don't have to have kids to love this series, I'm not a mummy but I can so relate to everything that happens to Ellen. 

One of my favourite things about this series is that it is in diary form so it makes for a speedy read, just reading 'one more day' or 'one more month'. I just love this format of book, it makes it feel more real and I think that's why I can relate to Ellen even though I am not a Mummy too. 

Obviously this is the fourth book in a series and so I shan't talk about specific plot points in case you want to go back and read the books that came before this but you don't need to have read the previous book in order to enjoy this one but you WILL be spoiled for Ellen's past adventures if you pick this one up first. 

This series really does show what real #momlife is all about, warts and all and I love how honest this writer is about what life is like when even a trip to the loo isn't your own time. I can imagine that this writer has vamped up some of the stories for comedy sake but I can totally picture everything that Ellen goes through happening in real life. 

It was great to come back to Ellen now that her children are older so we get to see all aspects of what it's like to be a parent, we started at the very beginning and now we see what parenting teens is like. I have so enjoyed this whole series, the audiobooks are also excellent. I highly recommend Gill Sims to anyone!

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