Wednesday 30 September 2020

Guest Review: Starcross Manor by Christie Barlow

You won’t want to miss the next spellbinding chapter in the Love Heart Lane series – where friends are there for you no matter what.
When Julia Coleman meets Flynn Carter again in the cosy village of Heartcross it can only mean trouble. Flynn might be rich, brooding and sexy, but Julia knows first-hand he’s ruthless and she plans to watch his every move.
When Julia discovers Flynn’s plans for beautiful Starcross Manor her greatest fears come true.  Because Flynn’s dreams of turning Starcross into a luxury hotel could ruin Julia’s dreams…and finish off the community of Heartcross for good.
Flynn makes it clear he doesn’t want trouble, and he’s not the man Julia thinks he is.  As he sets about convincing the community he’s changed, he hopes he can convince Julia to give him another chance too…

Review: This is the fourth book in the Love Heart Lane series by this author. The stories are set in the fictional Scottish village of Heartcross and follow the characters who live there, but each can be read as a standalone. Having read all of the last three books in the series, I was looking forward to finding out what was happening to the characters I had met previously.

The last book in this series ended with the arrival in the village of property developer Flynn Carter and speculation as to his reason for moving there. This story centres on Julia Coleman, owner of the village’s popular bed and breakfast establishment. She has more reason than most to be interested in Flynn Carter’s presence in the village as she has had first-hand experience of his ruthless behaviour. However, she is not the only person in Heartcross to be shocked to find that he is planning to redevelop beautiful Starcross Manor into a luxurious hotel with all kinds of amenities which will have potentially devastating effects on local businesses, including her own. As Flynn sets out to convince the community that he is not the hard hearted business man they envisage, he appears particularly determined to change Julia’s perception of him.

I am continuing to enjoy this Love Heart Lane series of books. Although this part focuses on Julia and Flynn, all the villagers readers have met in previous books are there too. There is the usual feeling of real community that was present in other parts of the series, along with the drama caused by some unfortunate misunderstandings. Julia has the well being of the village at heart and is willing to fight hard for it. I had to feel sorry for Flynn when faced with such determined opposition and admired him for his reasonable attitude, although the reason for that became apparent. I can recommend this series of books to other readers. They can be read in isolation, but it is well worth following the series. I’m already looking forward to book five.

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