Thursday 22 October 2020

Review: One Hit Wonder by Lisa Jewell

 After her number-one single she was never heard of again . . .

Fifteen years later, Bee Bearhorn is found dead in her flat.

Ana Willis always day-dreamed about the exotic half-sister she hadn't seen in years. Now she comes to London to sort through Bee's possessions, only to find a life more surprising and mysterious than even she imagined.

Along with Bee's closest friends, Ana sets out to discover exactly what happened to her half-sister, the one-hit wonder . . .

Review: This was a it of a slow starter for me, I took a little while to bond with these characters but once I got back into the swing of Lisa Jewell's signature slow drip of information when it comes to getting to know people in her books I race through the rest of the novel. 

I loved the mystery surrounding Bee as a character. I feel like we never really got to know exactly what makes her tick and so she is someone who has stuck with me long after reading the book. I found it so intriguing that Bee's family didn't really know her either and I like that Ana really tried hard to bond with a sister who was so absent. 

Ana on the other hand never really knew herself. She has played it safe when it comes to life and so looking into Bee's past really does help with her own future. I like that this was a coming of age novel if you're jut following Ana's story because she is a good person and I really enjoyed watching adventure allow her to blossom!

The idea of whether we really know those around us is fully explored in this novel and I think that although this was written a few years ago now, it is still timely and relevant today. There are many moments of Lisa Jewell's signature writing and character description and so if you have enjoyed her other novels, I am sure you will enjoy this one too. 

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