Thursday 10 June 2021

Review: Bad Choices by Lucy Vine

 Two friends. Two decades.

One big mistake...

Nat and Zoe have always shared everything.

Hopeless crushes, emergency tampons, messy sex stories, work triumphs, those days where you can't stop crying in the loos, those days where you can't stop dancing on the bar. They even share the same birthday, FFS. The struggle is real, but they'll always have each other.

Except best friends forever is a hard promise to keep...

Review: Ahh I loved this book so much. It's not often that a book can make you cry and laugh out loud on the same page but Lucy Vine does that to me every book without fail. This is also a book that I can relate to possibly the most out of anything I have read in a long time. A lot of what Natalie (one of the fabulous stars of this novel) goes through mirrors some of the things that I have dealt with in my life and so I really felt this on a deeply personal level!

Natalie and Zoe meet crying in the school toilets aged 14 and we get to follow them though life right up to present day. I loved that we got to revisit them it reminded me a lot of Firefly Lane in that respect but funnier and less tragic. Natalie, as I have already mentioned, is very easy to relate to. The issues she has at school that follow her into her career and personal life are some which I am sure we have all experienced on some level in our own lives. Then there's Zoe who I feel like we all had a friend like Zoe at some point in our lives. I totally wish she was my friend now but I also see parts of myself in Zoe. She seems ultra confident on the outside but she really struggles with things internally, not being someone who shares easily. 

Whilst I love the fact that Lucy Vine always makes me laugh out loud and I loved tracking Natalie adn Zoe's lives over many many years I think the thing I loved most about this book is the fact that is includes real life diverse people and situations. Not everyone is straight and happy and goes on to get married and have 2.4 children so a massive thank you to this author for writing characters like me and putting them in situations that I have found myself in. I am not going to go into specifics because spoilers but I will say I LOVED having a commercial women's fiction book with a bisexual character come out during pride month where that wasn't the only facet of their character, it was just something about them-celebration!

In case you're in any doubt, I loved this book I thought it was amazing and I think that you should absolutely read it right now!

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