Wednesday 30 June 2021

Guest Review: The Cosy Castle on the Loch: Autumn (Book 3) by Alice Ross

This is the third of four short stories in The Cosy Castle on the Loch series. You can read our review of part one here and part two here!

Rory McLeod has a dream – to be a chef. Which is unfortunately a million miles away from his parents’ dream of him running the family accountancy business.
Unable to believe his luck when he’s offered the position of pastry chef at Glenduff Castle, Rory postpones entering the family firm and accepts the job – for one year. A decision which throws his parents’ and his girlfriend’s plans for his future completely off-track. And which, upon meeting a cute little pigtailed artist, completely derails Rory’s own.

Review: This is the third in a series of short stories set in the Scottish highlands, in particular at Glenduff Castle, now a luxury hotel on the shores of Loch Duff. The property houses comfortable bedrooms and welcoming public areas, while castle outbuildings have been converted to add a tearoom serving delicious cakes and a group of artists’ workshops.

This story concerns Rory McLeod, whose wealthy parents expect him to take over running the family accountancy business once his father retires and also to marry what they consider a suitable woman. However, much to their surprise, Rory announces that he has been taking cookery lessons and has accepted a one-year post as pastry chef at Glenduff Castle. There he meets up with artist Liv and her incredibly cute young son. Suddenly Rory is questioning the future that his controlling parents and girlfriend have designed for him.

I am really enjoying this series of short stories. Each of them stands alone, but there are always recurring characters. They are filled with humour as well as more serious moments, and always a generous helping of Scottish scenery. I can recommend this and the other stories in the series; all can be read in a few short hours, but can transport the reader to a different world in that time.

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