Thursday 1 July 2021

July 2021 TBR

 Well I made a bit of an error when I made my June TBR putting ebook releases on it for July onwards when really I should have been focused on June releases and finishing anything on my bookshelves before moving!

With that being said, July will be focused on ebooks and audiobooks since I will likely not have any physical books this month due to moving. Spoiler for my July wrap up there!

A lot of this will look similar to my June TBR since I put a lot of these releases on there but oh well-here's what I want to read in July!

July Releases

8th July

13th July

22nd July

22nd July

22nd July

August Releases

3rd August

5th August

24th August

September Releases

Other audiobooks I want to get to!

And then possibly more that I have forgotten but who really knows what July looks like? There's moving an a whole load of travelling which could mean MORE reading time but could also mean LESS reading time so wish me luck and keep an eye out on my channel for some travel reading vlogs!

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