Friday 2 July 2021

June 2021 Wrap Up

 Right, if you've seen my June TBR you should know I got it all wrong. I shared so many ebooks and audiobooks that I wanted to read released July onwards when really I should have been concentrating on June releases and books on my shelf that I need to read before all my books get packed to move which is happening in mere moments. So if this wrap up doesn't match my TBR terribly well, that is why!

As always I will split my wrap up into ebooks, physical books and audiobooks and leave links to any reviews I have already posted. I've also made a couple of videos around these books and so make sure you keep an eye on my channel so that you don't miss those because I will try and update them here on this post but I can't make any promises because the moth of July looks just a little bit on the scary side!


Physical Books


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