Monday 12 July 2021

Review: When's It Due Sophie Drew by Katey Lovell

What can you expect when you are expecting?

Sophie Drew has been dealt the mother of all surprises – she’s having a baby!

Socialising with other mummies-to-be tempts Sophie into setting up a wish list at a local baby boutique. Although most of the items are unnecessary luxuries, she still finds herself lusting after designer changing bags and hi-tech prams.

When some of the most expensive items from her list start arriving, Sophie thinks her boyfriend Max has been splurging but when he denies it, Sophie is surprised.

Sophie is determined to find out who is sending the gifts and why.

Will she find the answer she is looking for and can Sophie finally have everything she ever hoped for?

A heart-warming look at life, When’s it Due, Sophie Drew? explores the emotional aspects of trying to conceive and being pregnant with sensitivity and humour.

Review: Ah this was such a great follow up to Nothing New For Sophie Drew, it made an excellent second book in the series. I love that we got to know Sophie so well in book 1 that we just got to carry on her adventures in book 2. I don't think you HAVE to have read book 1 in the series to enjoy this book but I think you will have a great appreciation of Sophie is a character and her own personal journey if you have read book one. You will also get to know a lot about side characters Max, Tawna and Eve if you have already learned what makes them tick in Nothing New For Sophie Drew. 

One of the things I loved about Sophie in book 1 was her attitude to life and her positivity and that definitely carries through to this novel even though she has been thrown the ultimate curveball, a surprise addition to her life. I love how her positivity works alongside boyfriend Max and his own take on the pregnancy and then her friends Tawna and Eve. I feel like we get to know Tawna a little deeper in this book. She was a bride to be in book 1 and that was all consuming and so we get to see the woman behind the veil in this latest installment and I do feel like seeing Eve and Tawna as best friends to someone who is about to have a baby is just a different dynamic. 

I really loved how open and honest Katey Lovell is in her writing. Things aren't always rosy for her characters in any of her books and she is honest about their money woes or their troubles to get their life together and this book is no exception. Often when you read about a character who is pregnant the pregnancy or brith fears are often glossed over but I feel like we get to live Sophie's pregnancy with her, the good the bad and the ugly and it is so refreshing to read about in a romcom where the ugly bits often get forgotten about in the quest to get to the tiny baby with the tiny outfits and the perfect parental pictures. So bravo to Katey Lovell for creating a real life character who has a real life pregnancy. 

This book was a great follow up to Nothing New For Sophie Drew and I loved getting to know Sophie even better and on another level in When's it Due Sophie Drew. It was also great getting to meet some new side characters including fellow mum Iris. If you're squeamish when it comes to pregnancy, fear not there is nothing too graphic here and what you actually have is a lovely story about a first time mum, her partner and her friends. I so enjoyed this book and I can't wait to see what happens in book 3!

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