Wednesday 15 May 2019

Guest Review: The Cosy Castle on the Loch: Summer (Book 2) by Alice Ross

Helen Sutherland can hardly believe her luck. Not only is she the proud manager of the gorgeous new tearoom at the magical Glenduff Castle, but her new venture means she can indulge her passion for baking – every day. 

But not everything in Helen’s life is running so smoothly. After years of supporting husband, Gordon, in his business endeavours, he doesn’t appear remotely interested in hers. 

Indeed, the only thing in which Gordon does appear remotely interested is himself. 

So, when Helen finds herself increasingly attracted to another man, it isn’t just cake mix she has on her hands, but a rather large dilemma. One that forces her to decide if her marriage is worth saving. Or if, like several of the ingredients in her fridge, it has reached its expiry date.

This is the second of two short stories in The Cosy Castle on the Loch series. 

This is the second of two short stories set in Aberboyne, a fictional Scottish highlands village on the shores of Loch Duff. The Glenduff estate there has recently had a makeover and the castle is now a luxury hotel, complete with artists’ workshops and stables tearoom.

This story focuses on the newly opened tearoom, and particularly on Helen Sutherland, a local lady who has taken over its running. Helen gave up her job as a pharmacist when she had son Ewan, but is now keen to get her teeth into her new project, much to the disapproval of husband Gordon. To add to her problems, Gordon has lumbered her with the surly teenage daughter of an acquaintance to ‘help her out’ in the tearoom. However, the arrival of emergency plumber Tom into Helen’s life makes her look at things a little differently. 

Like the first story in this series, this was an easy, light hearted and entertaining read. Although there is reference to characters and situations in the first story, this one can easily be read as a stand-alone. This tale can easily be read in one sitting when you have a couple of hours to spare. There are plenty of believable characters and even humorous situations in its pages to keep your interest.

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