Sunday 19 May 2019

Bout of Books Day 6 Update & Day 7 Challenge

Today was always going to be a good reading day because I had nothing else to do but read. I took a break in the evening for dinner and to watch Saturday Night Live so missed out on about 3 hours of reading time then but I got straight back into it again once we had eaten. I had to get up by 9am because that's when the bout of books chat was happening over on Twitter so I knew I would get a good start on reading for the day, listening to my audiobook whilst joining in the chat. I drank plenty of coffee and water, had snacks to hand and just had a great reading day. I also ran some sprints over on Twitter so that definitely helped keep me on track although I was so absorbed in my book I missed the end of one of them!

Today's Challenge

Today's challenge is to stretch your goals. Now I have already kind of met and surpassed my goals. I always have books on my TBR that seem unattainable because I like to have a bank of reading to choose from but I really feel like I've got another book in me today, I feel like i can start and finish Messy Wonderful Us because I am so excited to read it. I also might be able to start a new audiobook whilst I go for a walk and get my steps in but I'm not going to push myself to finish it because I really want to read Messy Wonderful Us and it is 400 pages so... let me know in the comments what your reading goals are today!

Reading Update

Yep I just spent the day with Lindsey Kelk today. I listened to the audiobook of I Heart Forever which was 400 pages before moving on to...

I Heart Hawaii which was also 400 pages and was just so good. It was emotional because there was lots of nostalgia in it and it was the last in the series but it had all the classic I heart Features, my review will be up very very soon!

Pages Read Today: 800

Pages Read This Week: 2923

Complete Books Finished: 10

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