Thursday 2 May 2019

May 2019 TBR

Well May is going to be an interesting month. I'm going to be travelling at the end of May which means some audiobooks and basically no physical or ebooks and probably nothing that was actually on my TBR. I have a couple of book events with authors to go to so those books are on the TBR but I think its already really quite ambitious considering the fact that I'll be in the car for the last week of the month!

As always, I'll list May releases as well as a few other books I would like to get to. Publication dates are UK unless otherwise stated!

May Releases

14th May (US)

16th May

30th May

30th May

30th May

30th May

Library Books

Other Books I Want to Get To

Yeah, I know, what am I thinking? I guess I'm thinking I'm going to quit with the film watching and just read books instead, sounds good to me!

Ok wish me luck and let me know in comments if you're reading any of these this month!

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