Tuesday 14 May 2019

Bout of Books Day 1 Update and Day 2 Challenge

Well day 1 was a pretty good reading day for me. Around work and seeing a movie and buying a fabulous jacket spur of the moment, I managed to fit in some reading. 

I took part in the Twitter chat, I highly recommend jumping on the next one on Saturday, and I completed the instagram challenge. 

Day 2's challenge is favourites so I thought I would talk about my favourite kind of books to read during a readathon. Obviously you know I am going to list audiobooks in this one. It is just so great having an audiobook to listen to during a readathon because it means you can be reading whilst you're driving, whilst you're in the gym, whilst you're cooking, whilst you're doing laundry. Also if you've been reading a lot of a physical book or ebook, you can give your eyes an important rest by listening to an audiobook. 

I also recommend picking up a book you;re really excited about or doing a buddy read then you'll be really passionate about carving out time to read that book or books. If you;re not that into a book, put it down to come back to outside of a readathon because that's not the kind of book you want to be reading this week. Buddy reads are even better because then you've got someone else holding you accountable to reading that book. I have left a couple of books specifically to read this week. They are some of my most anticipated books of the year and one of them is set aside for Saturday, that's how far ahead I thought...

Now my reading progress...

I read all of Girls With Sharp Sticks by Suzanne Young which was 400 pages. I listened to it all on audiobook. 

I read half of this one, up to page 117. I will hopefully finish this one today. 

Pages Read Today: 517

Pages Read This Week: 517

Complete Books Finished: 1

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