Saturday 18 May 2019

Bout of Books Day 5 Update & Day 6 Challenge

Today was some good reading time in the morning and the evening. I tired hosting some sprints in the morning (around lunch time) as well. I was going to do some more in the evening but when I got back from the movie I was so tired I just wanted to finish the last few pages of Sweetie before falling asleep-it's been a busy week. Can you believe that today is the penultimate day of the readathon?

Today's Challenge

Today's challenge is to share the love so some favourites from the readathon. I want to share my love for this readathon it is just such a great time for reading and for connecting with others. It has majorly helped me get through my TBR so many times, I feel like it has been there for me. I love the chats and I love the challenges and I also love that it comes 3 times a year because I need to know that I can have a good old reading binge during those weeks of the year. I hope if you haven't taken part this time that you'll consider taking part next time because it really is amazing!

Reading Update

Not a bookish update but I did see the movie of this one today-I have a book vs movie video going up on my channel next week!

I finished the other half of this one on audiobook-the other 200 pages.  

I finished this one today-the remaining 144 pages! Review will be coming soon!

Pages Read Today: 344

Pages Read This Week: 2123

Complete Books Finished: 8

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