Wednesday 9 June 2021

Guest Review: A Day at the Beach Hut by Veronica Henry

On a shimmering summer's day on the coast, the waves are calling, the picnic basket is packed, and change is in the air....

A family enjoy their last holiday at a much-loved beach hut. The tide brings in an old face - and a new temptation - while a writer's retreat is shaken up by a surprise arrival. The simple pleasures of the seaside compete with the Instagram dream, a couple's future is turned upside down and a celebratory evening takes a stormy turn. And as the sun sets, an unexpected romance is simmering....

From a windswept breakfast while the surf's up, to a romantic seafood dinner under the stars, enjoy a little taste of the seaside - wherever you are.

This uplifting collection of eight original short stories and more than 50 delicious recipes will transport you to the golden sands of Everdene for a perfect day at the beach hut.

Review: I have read and enjoyed all of the Beach Hut series of stories from Veronica Henry. I love the seaside, and these books always manage to transport me to a sandy beach with the sound of the waves in the background. I was intrigued to find that this new offering is slightly different in that it contains a series of short stories centred on the beach huts featured in the earlier books plus some recipes and some recollections of the author’s experiences on visits to the seaside. 

The book progresses through a whole day on the beach, from breakfast time to evening, with reminiscences, a short story and several recipes related to the story at each stage. The stories are set in the fictional seaside town of Everdene, with its row of colourful beach huts which feature in all of the Beach Hut series. Several characters appear in more than one story, bringing the book together nicely. The recipes include breakfast dishes, picnic food, treats and snacks, a birthday banquet (also with party playlist), seafood suppers, family favourites, and a romantic dinner for two. There are even lists of Veronica’s 10 classic beach reads, her 10 best beach hut board games, her top 10 beach movies and top 10 favourite ice creams.

I have very much enjoyed reading this book. It contains all you need for a day at the beach or a stay in a colourful  beach hut. The stories are varied in content, but all equally entertaining. I liked that fact that the same character might crop up in more than one story and I was very jealous that most of them had the opportunity to stay in one of the cosy little huts. Veronica’s tales of her visits to the beach are a nice addition to the book. The recipes sound absolutely delicious; I have already tried out the banana pancakes, which were easy to prepare and made a lovely brunch. I would recommend this book; whether you buy it as a work of fiction or a recipe book, I’m sure you will not be disappointed.

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