Wednesday 12 January 2022

Guest Review: A Winter Wedding at Mistletoe Gate Farm by Helen J Rolfe

It's almost Christmas in Heritage Cove - the village tree is all lit-up, the bakery is full of festive treats, the tea rooms and waffle shack are welcoming locals inside out of the cold, and for some of the residents of the Cove, snow might not be the only thing they're wishing for this year...

Tilly is overjoyed when an estranged relative comes to Heritage Cove wanting to make amends. But as she lets him in to her life and Tilly’s Bits ‘n’ Pieces - the shop she owns and loves - her friends aren’t so sure whether everything is quite as it seems.

Benjamin’s parents run Mistletoe Gate Farm, selling Christmas trees, wreaths and mistletoe. Benjamin has always thought his family was as firmly rooted in the ground as the rows of Norway Spruce and Fraser Firs. But when he finds a letter that rocks his world he realises he may not be able to do anything to prevent the changes coming their way.

Benjamin and Tilly have been falling for one another since the summer but will family complications put an abrupt stop to what is looking like a burgeoning romance?

With festive cheer weaving its way through the Cove as two local favourites plan their wedding, there’s more than one relationship that could receive a little Christmas magic…

Review: This is book 4 in the Heritage Cove series that features events in the lives of characters and visitors in the village by the sea. Although this is a series with many recurring characters, each book can be read as a standalone. I have read some of the series so far and found all the stories entertaining and fast paced.

This story centres mainly on Tilly, who owns Tilly’s Bits ‘n’ Pieces, the gift shop she inherited from her grandmother. With Christmas just around the corner, the shop is busy with people looking for last minute gifts. Tilly is surprised and delighted when an uncle she knew nothing about turns up out of the blue and takes an interest in her business. However, her friends in the Cove are suspicious of this stranger. One of her particular friends is Benjamin, chef at the local pub and son of the owners of Mistletoe Gate Farm, local growers of Christmas trees and mistletoe. As well as worrying about Tilly’s mysterious uncle, he is concerned that all is not well with his parents and the farm. All this is set against the background of the upcoming wedding of a local couple. Can Tilly and Benjamin’s close friendship develop into something more with all that is going on around them?

I absolutely loved this light festive romance, with its air of mystery and danger surrounding a newcomer to the area. Having read some of the books in the series, I was familiar with the main characters in this one and was interested to learn a bit more about them. Tilly is such a kind and welcoming person that I found myself genuinely worried that she was going to end up in serious trouble. Of course, with so many kindly residents of the village watching out for her I needn’t have been concerned. Heritage Cove has such amazing community spirit; definitely a place I would love to live. I can highly recommend this book to anyone looking for an uplifting read this Christmas. I’m sure new readers will want to catch up with the rest of the books in the series.

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