Friday 12 May 2023

Bout of Books 37 Day 3 and 4 Update

Well day 3 involved going to see the movie of Are You There God, It's Me Margaret so that was a massive win. It meant a little more audiobook listening in the car on the way there as I was stuck in traffic so got an hour plus of that listened to. I also started a new eBook after being very indecisive about what to read next! Day 4 was just a busy one at school but I did listen to some of my pre0ordered audiobook before bed. I couldn't read in any way in the morning because my phone was completely dead so that put an end to my breakfast reading hopes!

Here's what I read on Day 3 & 4

20 Pages

100 Pages

50 Pages

Pages Read Day 3 and 4: 170
Pages Read This Week: 998
Complete Books Finished: 3

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