Monday 1 May 2023

May 2023 TBR: New Books, Audiobooks and June and July Reading!


Ok now that that is out of the way because I swear I just put together by March TBR, we can think about what we want to read in May. It is a busy month at school because of tests and reports and fitting everything in before the last term of the year but I do have the last week of May off and it starts with a bank holiday so I don't think it will be a bad reading month. 

I am thinking that I will do Bout of Books this month because, even though it is SATs week so I will be tired and emotional, I feel like the bank holiday at the beginning and the emotional release weekend at the end will be helpful reading times. 

Here's my breakdown of what I want to read:

May Releases (I've included ones I've read FYI)

11th May (read)

11th May (read)

11th May

16th May

25th May (read)

10th May (read)

June Releases

22nd June

July Releases

23rd July

Book Vs Movie

Finishing a series

And a couple of audiobooks I started in April but didn't finish

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