Wednesday 31 May 2023

Guest Review: Falling for You by Debbie Johnson

Single mum Jenny's life is turned upside-down (quite literally) when her beloved cottage on the Norfolk coast falls off a cliff. And so, with the storm raging on, Jenny and her eighteen-year-old son Charlie are forced to take refuge in her neighbour, Luke's, cosy campervan.

It's a tight squeeze for the three of them - and Luke's adorable dachshund, Betty - but somehow they make it work. And when far-too-handsome Luke suggests a spontaneous road trip around England, it ignites a desire for adventure in Jenny she thought long extinguished!

And soon she begins to wonder whether losing everything might just have been the best thing that ever happened to her...

Review: I am a great fan of Debbie Johnson’s books and would always have bought this one anyway, but I was very impressed when I saw the bright and attractive cover of Debbie Johnson’s latest book which simply called the reader to dive into its depths and join the characters for an adventure. When I started reading, I was instantly drawn into the world of the main players and found this book really hard to put down. 

The story centres on Jenny and her 18-year-old son, Charlie. Jenny is not having the best time, what with her job being under threat, money being scarce, her car breaking down and, to top it all, she is suddenly made homeless in the most dramatic fashion when her cottage falls off a cliff in a storm. Luckily, the pair are offered shelter by Luke, who has been staying nearby in his motorhome. With no belongings and nowhere to stay, they decide to take Luke up on his offer to have them join him and his adorable dachshund Betty on a road trip, heading wherever they fancy but never staying long in one place. As they travel around England visiting places each want to see, they learn lots about these locations but also about themselves. The group also become drawn closer to each other as time goes on. 

I found myself completely spellbound by this romantic and uplifting story filled with Debbie Johnson’s trademark humour, but also featuring some emotional and heartbreaking moments. I loved the three central characters. Although abandoned by his father, Jenny has raised a very sensible boy in Charlie; his mature attitude helped her cope with what could have been an even more tragic situation. Luke is quite an amazing person, happily traveling the country with his gorgeous canine companion while deciding what was next. I’m sure we would all agree that Jenny was really lucky to be rescued by such a handsome and capable man. In addition to the main story, there are interesting and emotional backstories for Luke and Jenny. I also enjoyed hearing about the places that the trio visited on their road trip. I would recommend this beautifully and sensitively written book to all; it is definitely one of my favourite books from this author so far.

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