Wednesday 21 June 2023

Guest Review: A Secret Cornish Summer by Pillipa Ashley

When Eden steps out of her beautiful coastal cottage to find a Speedo-wearing, suntanned stranger doing yoga in next door’s garden, she is immediately on her guard. Since her ex-husband betrayed her in the worst possible ways, she has kept her distance from all men, taking refuge in her start-up coffee business.

But as she gets to know Levan, Eden begins to wonder if he might be different – until she discovers he’s not quite what he seems. And when a long-buried family secret surfaces, her faith in those she loves most is shaken to the core.

As the secrets spill out, relationships old and new will be tested like never before. Can Eden learn to trust again, and move past all the secrets of this Cornish summer?

Review: I was excited to see this new book by one of my ‘go to’ authors appear on my kindle. I knew I was in for a treat in a beautiful location. This time, the author took me back to Cornwall. I was hooked from the very first page and quickly devoured the rest of the story. 

This story centres on the Cornish seaside village of Hartstone, and in particular mother and daughter Sally and Eden, who live in one of a row of cottages adjacent to the lighthouse where Eden’s father and grandfather were once keepers. Eden runs a coffee roastery, processing beans for her own coffee shop and an increasing number of local businesses. She is recovering from a bad experience with a cheating ex-husband and is not interested in any relationships with the opposite sex. However, when a handsome new neighbour, Levan, moves in, she, Sally and grandmother Iris, are intrigued to find out all about him. He is determined to keep himself to himself, but is gradually drawn into the lives of his welcoming neighbours. In spite of everything, Eden and Levan are attracted to each other, but he has a secret that he fears, if revealed, will destroy their growing relationship. It transpires that he is not the only one with a secret, this one with far reaching consequences for Eden and her mum. 

Oh, I did enjoy this story, which was more than a romance, with its generous helping of dark and even official secrets and hint of danger. There were only a few characters, but these were all strong and interesting. I admired Eden for her fortitude in picking herself up after having been treated so shabbily by her ex. As for Levan, what a heroic specimen he turned out to be! The setting of the story couldn’t fail to attract the reader; I for one would love to be walking along by the sea admiring the lighthouse. I think this must be one of my favourite Phillipa Ashley books, and one which I’m sure will be enjoyed by many this summer. 

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