Sunday 24 March 2013

The Arcade

This post is for those of you who haven't already discovered the beauty of the monthly series that is The Arcade. The arcade is a series of novellas released once a month featuring a shopping arcade. There will be 12 episodes each featuring one of the 12 shops in the arcade and their shopkeepers.

This is a genius idea, having an ebook that readers can look forward to downloading every month, and for less than the price of a glossy magazine! The best thing about the serial though is that each page turn contains the same amount of drama as a week of your favourite soap opera. The drama is so gripping that its probably best not to read each episode in public for fear of shocking people with your audible gasps and permanently dropped jaw!

One of the most exciting things about this concept is that, although the author is stated as being 'Kitty Charles', this series is in fact written by a collaboration of several authors, they are really trying to keep us guessing as to who they actually are, simply adding to the drama that is The Arcade!

Episode one featured new girl to the arcade Faith and her vintage clothes store. This episode is very cleverly written because it introduces the reader to the other characters in the arcade by way of a New Year's Eve party-ingenious. You don't get to find out much ab out the characters in this first editions, but it simply wets the reader's appetite for what is to come. There is a surprise birth and a possible adultery scandal...but I have already said too much!

Episode two introduces us to Eden and her lingerie store. Featuring a lingerie store already alludes to the fact that the reader might be in for a bit of sauce, but you will be totally unprepared for what goes on behind the locked door of this particular store.One of the best things about this episode is the sneak peak of March's episode, which you will definitely be itching to download straight away!

The March episode deals with the toy shop in the arcade, although there is nothing child friendly about the drama in this slice of action. It will keep you guessing the whole way through as to what will unfold. With settings like a toy shop, a bar with Heston-style cocktails and a gift shop, really it is anybodies game.

I cannot wait for the release of April's episode which is nearing completion as you read this! All I know is that it features some funky cocktails and we will get to know some of the other shopkeepers a little deeper...


  1. What a fantastic idea!!!!! I actually went to Amazon while reading your review to see how much they were. Only 77p?!?! That's crazy! I love this idea. I love having something to look forward too as well as knowing it is a quick read and cheap!!

    I just bought them!

  2. YEY! I bet you devour them in one go! Aprils was released today too!