Friday 12 April 2013

Review! Never Google Heartbreak, Emma Garcia

After her ex-fiancé Rob breaks off their engagement for the third time, Viv knows she needs help to get over it. And, as she searches through tales of heartbreak online, inspiration strikes - she needs to set up her own website! A one-stop shop for the broken-hearted.

However, the advice she begins getting on it doesn't seem to be helping her win Rob back. On the contrary, it seems to be pointing her in the direction of her best friend and partner-in-crime Max.

But where is Max when Viv needs him most? Will Rob ever see the error of his ways?
And, ultimately, is there a search engine powerful enough to stop us getting our hearts broken... or to stop us breaking anyone else's?

Review: the blurb of this book told me thank would love this book if I liked bridesmaid and Caitlin Moran. And it was absolutely right! I stroked my way through this fabulous debut novel because it was just so witty and easy to read! It had disasters a plenty, romance, sex, humour-the full package! Main character Viv is so easy to identify with, I felt like I was her best fiend, or better still, that she was actually me!

We encounter Viv just as she is about to break up with fiancée Rob. He has postponed the wedding twice already and she thinks that by leaving him, that's the way to get him to finally commit. But what she does in the end is actually take a massive step in the right direct in order to get her life back on track! Rob is a very hard character to like, he seems smarmy and selfish and I think this makes for great reading-everybody loves a good villain! Max and Lucy (Viv's best friends) are also great supporting characters. Sex-obsessed Lucy is straight talking and a good counter to Viv's constant crisis mode and and Max too provides a calming effect to Viv with his cool, laid back, artistic personality.

There are some lovely messages about family values in the story too, with the relationship between Viv and he Nanna. Her Nanna is a great strong, female and I think that this sends out a really good message about older members of today's society, as well as the message that we need to look after our loved ones.

The storyline flows really nicely, it is incredibly well-paced and has a great balance between Viv's work life, her personal life, and her relationships with her family and friends. It deals with the issue of heartbreak in a humorous way, taking into account every aspect of what one might be feeling at those times, and any reader who has ever had their heartbroken will be able to find aspects of their own process of recovery within the pages of this novel. The sex scenes aren't shoved in your face, they are salt with tastefully and not everyone gets what they want in the end, which I LOVE in a novel!

This novel represents a really strong debut by this author. I think it could be enjoyed by men and women alike and whether you've been the dumper of the dumpee, you'll be able to find something to identify with when it comes to the break-up process. There is a lot of humorous moments, as well as some thought provoking messages and cringeworthy scrapes that Viv gets herself into. A thoroughly enjoyable read!

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