Wednesday 17 April 2013

Geek Girl-Review From Another Perspective...

So I loved Geek Girl by Holly Smale so much (see my review from last week) that I immediately took it into school and gave it to one of my students to read. She loved it straight away, simply couldn't put it down. I gave her the task of writing a review of it and the review was just such a great review and an amazing piece of writing from an eleven year old, I just had to post it. So here you have it-a review of a YA book from a YA reader...

This book was a book that just stood out to me by the cover, however the title ‘Geek Girl’ made me attracted to the book; I like books about another person’s lifestyle. Luckily, Geek Girl was given to me to read by one of my teachers, Miss Merryweather, because she read it and thought it was amazing. I really like this book so much because, in my opinion, it was so easy to imagine one of the characters standing right there in front of you.

Harriet Manners (Geek Girl) was the main char cater in this book and could be described as a girl who is very intelligent and lovable to other people. Her friends Nat and Toby love her so much but she doesn’t seem to realise it. The funniest character from my point of view is Wilbur ‘bur not aim’ because he calls everyone a really weird name. For instance I seem to realise he says the word ‘Munch kin’ quite a lot. Harriet’s stepmother has got a very strange personality, whereas her dad gets a bit over excited when he hears something he rally wants to hear. For example, when he hears that his daughter would become a model, he really couldn’t stop jumping up and down.

One of my dislikes was at the time when Yakut Ho, the lady Wilbur works for, asked for Harriet and wanted to talk to her about the fashion industry, however I did like the bit when Harriet was describing how she looked. It was kind of funny because the day she first met her she was dressed all in black (even her hair) but had bright purple lipstick on. Then the next day she saw her, she was wearing exactly the same clothes but with bright orange lipstick on.

All in all, Geek girl was one of my favourite books to read and I hope to carry on enjoying other books written by the author (life story books; I love them) because I think she’s a great author!


  1. Aww what a proud teacher! I wish I had teachers growing up that gave me books and fun tasks like this. Great review.