Wednesday 21 August 2013

Review! A Good Girl Comes Undone by Polly Williams

She's on a roll. A glamorous job at a glossy magazine. A home of her own. A cute live-in boyfriend. Annie Rafferty has worked damn hard for all of it. If demands are made, she delivers. If people need her, she's there. And if she suspects something is missing? Well, she ignores it. 
But cracks start to appear. Her boyfriend quits his job and leaves Annie paying the bills. Work descends into a handbags-at-dawn struggle for survival, and there's a new exec in the office - rude, unreconstructed, but strangely attractive - questioning exactly what she's trying to prove. 
As Annie discovers her true desires, her meticulously planned life begins to unravel and darker, unexpected forces pull things in a shocking new direction...

Review: this was a classic chick-lit story about a young woman on a journey of self-discovery with some fabulous mis-haps and friendship along the way, and of course a love interest or two. It was an easy read and very predictable but neither of these things made it any less enjoyable. There were plentry of twists and turns in the story to keep the reader guessing all the way through as to what was going to happen. There was also the wonderful aspect of having several stories going on at once, adding more depth to this novel and making it even more enjoyable. I really enjoyed the story about Annie's challenges at work, and her challenges within her love-life. I found the story involving the challenges within her family rather Difficult and therefore not as enjoyable, even bringing me to tears at one point, but nevertheless adding another dimension to this well-written tale.

I liked Annie as a character initially although I did loose some respect for her because of her inability to say no and to ignore things when things were going wrong. She certainly redeems herself towards to end of this novel and I am aching to find out what has become of her. I strongly disliked Nick from the start if the novel but this shows how well written he was, that I found myself shouting at him sometimes because of his actions or words. I didn't like many members of Annie's family either, and I found new character Don fairly hard to take too. The interactions that Annie had with some of her work colleagues were seriously funny and had me laughing out loud, I think this particular part of the storyline was my favourite. 

There are plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader occupied and although the majority of the novel is set in London, Annie travels to New York, her parents move from the Cotswolds to Brighton and so there are plenty of 'scene changes' too, all of which are well-described, so much so that I wanted, myself, to sink down into Annie's new sofa when it was delivered. This would make the perfect addition to your beach bag, and is another great novel from this wonderful author. An easy read but with plenty to keep your attention, this is definitely a book which I would have loved to have a sequel to, I definitely need to know what happens next...

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