Thursday 29 August 2013

Review! Rolling Dice by Beth Reekles

They say that the higher you climb, the harder you fall - and Madison Clarke will do anything to keep her new life from crumbling to pieces. Moving from a small town in Maine to Florida, Madison grasps the opportunity to reinvent herself, to forget about those days of being a lonely, loser outcast, and jumps at the chance when the popular kids decide to take her under their wing. A hot boyfriend, parties, friends... If only there wasn't the slight problem by the name of Dwight, a cute, funny and totally nerdy guy in Madison's physics class who she can't help but enjoy spending time with. Running from her past and stumbling through the present, who knows what lies ahead in this new life in Florida?

Review: what a fun contemporary romance! I loved the first novel by this young author and was very much looking forward to this new offering. I was not disappointed let me tell you! Just like the Kissing Booth Beth's first novel(click here for review), I cannot believe that this wasn't written by an American author, the voice of the American teens is so prevalent. I also can't believe that this was written by such a young author-the characters are so well developed, the plot thought out thoroughly and there is a strong moral message which is reflected in the blurb of the book above.

I felt like I was watching a film at points during the book, that's just how engaging it was. It could have been a wholesome teen flick set in a US high school with the popular crowd, the jocks and the nerds. The character of Madison was lovely, a typical shy teenage girl who over thinks everything, we are lucky enough to hear what those inner thoughts are and see how they affect her decisions in everyday life. I felt slightly protective over Madison and was willing her to make the right choices from beginning to end of this novel.

There were a host of supporting characters who all had great parts and were pivotal to the plot of the story. I liked the wholesome family environment that Madison had, and felt that these characters too were very well written. Of course there are possible love interests for Madison, and I have no doubt that readers will, as I did, have a preference when it comes down to Dwight versus Bryce. These two guys were also both well written and were really polar opposites in Madison's world.

The storyline was your typical teen plot of new girl coming to a new school, choosing what crowd to be in and had an element of the ugly duckling about it. I was worried it was all going to end in tears, but I am pleased to say, this definitely had the ending that I wanted, I felt entirely satisfied with the last few pages of this novel and needless to say, I am desperate for there to be a sequel-please? I am sure fans of this author, or indeed, new readers will enjoy this book as much as i did. It is the perfect read for the start of the new term-I devoured it in 24 hours, I'm sure it will have the same effect on many others out there-a sure fire hit!

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