Thursday 1 August 2013

It's Raining Men by Milly Johnson Book Launch

Last night I attended the fabulous Yorkshire Day Book launch for Milly Johnson's latest novel-It's Raining Men. I absolutely loved the fact that this was held to celebrate Yorkshire Day in Mapplewell and Staincross Village Hall. I made the journey home and took my mum along to this fun bookish evening! 

Tickets cost £5, money going to two charities which Milly is patron of-Yorkshire Cat Rescue and the Well. Raffle tickets were also sold as we were coming in, and proceeds from these also went to the charities. We were able to buy copies of Milly's new novel and then have them signed before going into the main hall. Milly was being lovely and chatting to people as she was signing her books and was even kind enough to pose for a picture with me...

We were the treated to a very funny talk from this witty author where she talked about the inspiration behind each of her books and how she expected to become a superstar instant,y with her first publishing deal, when in fact the reality was anything but. She also talked about how she feels the key to her success has been finding that gap in the market, setting her books in Barnsley, writing about women of different ages, writing about autumn when every other author was writing about spiring and summer because they are the prettier seasons. All of these point were made with witty interjections and amusing anecdotes.

The raffle was then drawn and some lucky people ended up taking home a fabulous It's Rain Men umbrella, I was insanely jealous of these people as they are THE must have accessory for the British summer. I didn't leave empty handed, however, I got a fabulous pick me up facial with my raffle winnings which I will look forward to taking next time I am back home. I did get an umbrella as well... A fabulous tiny chocolate umbrella, made specially for the event...

I thought the evening was a great success, and the 200 or so people in attendance looked to be having a wonderful time being entertained by this brilliant author.  I am very excited about starting my signed copy of Its Raining Men which came out yesterday. I hope to have a review for you all on Monday so you can see just how much I loved it!

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