Friday 17 January 2014

Review! Where Dreams Come True- A Year in The Arcade

I'm very excited about this review because I was so excited about this particular ebook. I was a massive fan of The Arcade this year as readers of the blog will be well aware! I did began to beg somewhat for an omnibus of all the arcade episodes and so when I got an email asking if I would like a copy of this fabulous book I literally squealed with excitement. I love having all the episodes in the one place and have done something I very rarely do which is re-read something! I had particular favourites this year and seeking them out in this anthology was brilliant! Thanks to 'Kitty' for sending me this lovely Christmas treat! 

As addictive as chocolate truffles from the Chocwaves boutique; as sexy as honeymoon lingerie from The Garden of Eden, and as scandalous as a night in Ernesto’s tango studio. And over the course of the first year in the Arcade you’ll soon find that it's a place where dreams really do come true.

Previously released once a month, all twelve episodes are compiled here to create the bubbliest of soap-opera style stories.

Written by six best-selling novelists under the name of Kitty Charles, WHERE DREAMS COME TRUE is a sexy, sassy tribute to the serials that kept readers turning the pages in Dickens’ times – with all the passion, the intrigue and the larger than life characters you could hope for.

So what are you waiting for? Time to sample the delights of Angell’s Arcade!
Step inside…

And if you want more drama, dilemmas and double-dealing, the great news is you can enjoy a bite-sized fix of sex and shopping every month in 2014, as your favourite shopkeepers open their doors for another year of business.

Review: it's so wonderful to have all of the arcade episodes in one place. Since I received this bumper omnibus of drama, comedy and romance, not to mention the scandalous gossip that goes on in this particular shopping arcade, I've been reliving my favourite episodes of the arcade from the last year. I still absolutely love the Gift Shop and The Bookshop, I'm sure these two were definitely written by the same author! But I also really love the way everything is introduced in January and wrapped up again in December. This was brilliantly written, and the fact that the whole thing is overseen by the 'ghost' of the former arcade owner, just ties everything together and makes for a wonderful Halloween feel to October as well. 

If its drama you're after, myouve come to the right place with this one! There is drama no end. This book features surprise babies, secret lesbians, cross dressing booksellers, attempted murder, robberies, infidelity, troublesome exes, death and of course romance. It is only inevitable that Pete work together in such close quarters are eventually going to get it on. Some people get the happy ending they are craving, others are not so lucky, but there really is something for everyone here! 

Normally with collections of shorter stories, you can dip in and out of them, but I wouldn't suggest that with this particular collection. Each episode is only about 50 pages long, however so you could literally pick this up at a bedtime treat for 12 days and have your fill of the drama and intrigue that way. I guarantee that if you haven't read any of the episodes yet, you'll absolutely fly through them, wanting to discover what happens next, this is more compelling than all the soaps put together. The stories are very cleverly written so that even though it is a different author every month, you can't tell the difference in voice, the on,y thing would be a slight change in storyline from the more romantic end of the spectrum, to a more dramatic end.

If you're already a fan of the arcade, this would be an excellent addition to your collection. Lets face it the cover is awesome and I've so enjoyed reliving my favourite Arcade moments. I will definitely be threading Decembers episode before I read the January episode for this year, to catch me up again and get in ready for what this years arcade has in store. This would be a great addition to anyone's bookshelf and if you're planning a holiday, a great little read to take with you, wherever you might be going! If you've not heard of this serial, this would be a great catch up for you before you delve back into the world of the Arcade 2014! 


  1. Are you a bit of a fan then..? :-P Fab review and I LOVE the cover.