Wednesday 19 November 2014

Review: The Arcade year 2 Episode 8 Secrets by Kitty Charles

Everyone has secrets, right? Small things they keep to themselves, like the special ingredient in their signature recipe or the life they lived before, and the tenants of Angell's Arcade have more skeletons in their cupboards than most. What they don't know is that someone is watching them, someone who is carefully noting everything little detail. Someone with an interest in revealing the things they'd rather keep hidden. 

Once the secrets are out, there'll be no going back. And then the biggest skeleton of them is uncovered and nothing will ever be the same again...


This Month's episode of the Arcade lets a lot more mysterious and a lot darker. There are some thoughts about one of the previous inhabitants of the Arcade and it turns out they didn't actually ever leave, i don't want to give any more away as it would spoil it for you, but this month follows how they came not to actually leave the arcade and the mysterious circumstances that around them. This involves people pointing fingers, people turning out to be something they're not, all normal in a day in the life of the arcade. 

This month really was much darker, these books seem to be taking on that form at the moment, perhaps brighter things will be on the horizon for this poor little shopping mall. Because there was such mystery though, it is still a very compelling read and i found myself flicking through it as fast as you could shout Joan Collins. 

This is another episode where all of the characters feature including some unwelcome guests, some totally briable policemen and the returning member of the arcade plays their part as well. I really enjoy catching up with these guys every months, because we get to drop in on them every four weeks they are well-developed and well rounded characters and your really do find yourself waiting and wondering what is going to happen to them next. Fans of the Arcade's usual dollop of drama will not be disappointed because there really is plenty in this month's episode and who knows what September will bring!

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