Wednesday 26 November 2014

Review: The Making Of Us by Lisa Jewell

Lydia, Robyn and Dean don’t know each other – yet.
They live very different lives but each of them, independently, has always felt that something is missing.
What they don’t know is that a letter is about to arrive that will turn their lives upside down.
It is a letter containing a secret – one that will bind them together, and show them what love and family andfriendship really mean…

Review: I just love Lisa Jewell's writing. The way she phrases things, the comparisons she draws and the sentiments that she expresses through her writing are all just wonderful. I could list sentences I have enjoyed, phrases that have made me smile but that would be boring so I'll move on. I listened to this book on audiobook. I do have the lovely paperback with this very cover, not the other cover but i decided to go for the audiobook version as my eyes are very tired at the moment and I enjoy being read to! The audiobook was an excellent performance and so that really made this lovely writer's words come alive for me!

The premise behind this book is just wonderful and such a brave topic to cover,. This is another thing that this lovely author does so well, finds the topics that need exploring and explores them through her novels. I had never imagined children of donor parents actually finding each other and meeting up, discovering new brothers and sisters, such an original idea for a book and told in such a powerful way. Jewell is sensitive to what these children might be going through and really thinks about the ins and outs of the emotional roller coaster that they will all be riding throughout the novel. The ending is also well-written, not everything is wrapped up neatly and not everyone is happy but everyone feels they have moved forwards in some way and achieved something so the ending felt ultimately satisfying!

The Characters in this novel are real people and are a really nice mix. They could all be people you've met in your life, although I don't think I've ever come across someone who has become a millionaire through inventing odourless paint, but who knows-maybe someday! I think the character I liked most was Dean because he had the furthest journey to come through. He is real and he is measured but he was incredibly endearing and i found myself wanting to sit him down and tell him it was going to be OK. I liked the relationships between the main charaxcetrs and the minor characters and I really liked how Maggie brought everyone together. She was an understanding woman and someone i would love to meet in real life!

There are some sad moments in this book it is definitely an emotional read, although i didn't cry, but even if this is the first novel you've considered by this author, you should definitely give it a go. It is a book that makes you think, a book that teaches you something and a book that will leave you feeling satisfied and fulfilled. There are a few comedy moments but on the whole it is a thought-provoking serious read but one which is put across in a non-threatening way to make for a very enjoyable read. This writer's way with words is just a gift and so i would definitely recommend picking up this novel and giving it a go!

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