Sunday 26 April 2015

Dewey's 24hour readathon wrap-up

Ok so the readathon has finished, 24 hours gone and I completed the goals of the books that I wanted to read and finish! It was a shakes start when my kindle batter decided to go and I had to charge my iPad phone and kindle throughout the readathon! 

I read 159 pages to finish The Love Shack by Jane Costello-love Jane Costello's novels, just so funny! 

Then I started Letters to The Lost by Iona Grey. I finished this just after 1pm so I missed the dealine by a whisker but I'm still counting it because my alarm didn't go off properly so I definitely would've finished it with an hour or more to spare if I hadn't fallen back asleep again after I woke up at 7am to finish my audiobook! I loved this one-it was 560 pages total and I'm glad I read it all in one sitting like I did because of all the feels! 

And I completed The Cake Shop in the Garden by Carole Matthews which I was listening to on audiobook. I listening to just over 4 hours which amounts to about a third of the book so 150 pages! 

So my page count grand total is 869! I had a look at last readathon a page count and that was slightly higher at 881 but I have found that my reading has slowed down recently so I'm pretty pleased with this. Although it would've been great to get ontot another book on my TBR pile, I'm happy that I finished these books and I'm going to go and review them all right now! 

I didn't drink as much coffee as the last readathon but I also had someone else in the house with me this time and I think having him sleeping next to me made me just a little bit more inclined to sleep, plus we went out to pick up Chinese food. Although I listened to my audiobook in the car, I still lost out on some reading time this way. I read for about 18 hours again, same as last time, the other 6 hours were about 5 hours sleep and then a 1 hour nap when my alarm was meant to wake me. 

There are now 4 days left of paperback month so I'm going to head up to my book shelves and see which paperback I fancy picking up now as only 1 of these books was a paperback! 

Happy reading! 

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