Monday 13 April 2015

Review: The Day We Disappeared by Lucy Robinson

It's springtime in London and everything is about to change for Annie Mulholland. From the moment she meets Stephen Flint, things seem too good to be true as Annie abandons her customary cautiousness for a wild love affair.

In Somerset, Kate Brady is starting a new job. Fresh air, new faces and good old fashioned hard work is just what she needs to put everything that happened in Dublin behind her.

But what are these two old friends hiding, and for how long can they run from the secrets of their past before they come crashing into their futures?

Review: this is going to be a really hard review to write! I love love loved this book, it kept me up until 2am because I had to finish it but it is so twisty and turny, I will really struggle to review without giving anything away but I promise I will try not to give anything at all away. 

I was sucked into this story right from the word to Lucy Robinson just knows how to write a good page-turner. Anyone who can write about a character having had sex one and a half times in their life is just amazing in my books, I think that is seriously funny and there are some amazingly funny moments in this book, as you can expect from any book by this fantastic author! I loved the premise behind this book, these two friends both starting out in a new job and discovering new things. I wasn't sure I was going to be a fan of someone who worked in a stables as a groom, a little too horsey for me, but that was just the situation she was in and I didn't feel I had horse shoved down my throat at any point during this novel. 

I loved these characters, I found them really easy to relate to. Kate seemed savy and independent and Annie, although she was extremely naive was a lovely positive person who wanted to see the best in people and I was pleased with the breaks that both of thse lovely ladies got. I could see myself being friends with either of these people and their groups of friends were very lucky. Those friends provided a comedy back drop to the stuff that was going on in their own lives and especially the group at the stables, they really were a group of people who I knew I would miss when I out the book down. 

The twist in this novel is what a lot of people have been talking about as this book has been doing the round on social media and I didn't see the twist coming, not one little bit. Normally people say this to me and I'm like, yeah but I knew from about halfway through. I was reading this book in bed and I actually sat bolt up right and had to read the rest of the book right to the end in that very position, there was no way I was putting this little gem down! You won't see the sptwist mocking, you will want to read without stopping and them immediately go back to the beginning and start reading again, looking for any clues you might have missed along the way! Amazing! 

This book is a love story, it is a comedy, it is a mystery, it is feel good and it is shocking, there is no way to summarise this book, but despite all of these things being contradictory in one way or another Lucy Robinson has knitted all these things together so brilliantly that she has crates something do all audiences and someone which is a definite must read. Stop whatever you're doing and read this now because it is amazing! 

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  1. Love this review! I've just added it this book to my to-read list :)

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